VIP Armouring employs highly skilled professionals who are carefully selected and trained to the highest industry standards. From design specialists, welding professionals, Job planners, quality assurance, sales, and management, along with after-sales support functions, all aligned to delivering the best-armoured vehicles of the industry on time and within budget.

Armouring highlights:

  • 360-degree comprehensive full armouring (floor, roof, firewall, and pillars).
  • High-Quality Ballistic glass (flat& curved to OEM specifications).
  • Full suspension upgrade with heavy-duty components and stabilizers.
  • Engine compartment armouring (Battery, ECU, hydraulics, and fuse box protection).
  • Doors armoured and hinges upgraded with heavy-duty hinges and door travel limiters.
  • Fuel tank blast protection.
  • Radiator protection.
  • Run-flat tire inserts on every wheel.
  • Gun port for defensive actions, standard option on SUV, Pickups, and Vans.
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