KADDB Industrial Park

In October 1999 King Abdullah II inaugurated the KADDB Industrial Park (KADDB IP), which is the first comprehensive free zone in the Middle East, specialized in the defense industry and the manufacturing vehicles.

KADDB IP is a public limited liability company owned completely by the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB). It was established in 2006 in accordance with the Free Zones Law to upgrade Jordan’s industrial base, attract investments, and encourage the development of interactive industries for manufacturing vehicles, in the context of an environment that attracts investment by offering incentives, tax exemptions, and excellent logistical services such as communications, infrastructure, and management.

The Park also enjoys the security measures needed for defense industries and all other facilities to ensure the success of the investment. It is located on 38,000 sq. m of land at Khalidiyah in the al- Mafraq Governorate, 50 km from Amman and 24 km from Zarqa city, on the crossroads linking Jordan to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Syria, which facilitates the transportation of KADDB IP products to all countries in the region.

All components used in the assembly of VIP Armouring vehicles are tested and carry the latest certifications of conformity to BSI, CEN, NIJ, and other relevant standards. All of the ballistic steel imported from specialist mills around the world under stringent control measures. BulletProof Glass comes from highly reputed suppliers in the USA, UK, and Jordan.

The state of the art manufacturing facility which is loaded with the latest in automotive technologies allow VIP Armouring to deliver each vehicle in a perfect operating condition and provides a clear cutting edge over other suppliers. VIP Armouring realizes that our clients are looking for the best value preposition. VIP Armouring in return focuses heavily on the highest production efficiency that minimizes the production cost while maintaining a first-class quality standard.

VIP Armouring Industry Company is registered with SAE, as a Special Purpose, Vehicle Manufacturer.

The dedicated resources of VIP Armouring has enabled it to achieve the best lead time in the industry and achieve an unbeatable record with on-time deliveries to all clients on regional and global scales.

VIP Armouring is distinguished with its ability to manufacture a wide range of armoured vehicles of different base models and tailored requirements. In addition to ballistic steel armour and no-spall multi-laminated glass, upgrades are also made to the tires, braking system, suspension, and performance-related electrical and mechanical components. Currently, VIP Armouring provides reliable products from B4 to B7 protection levels Luxury/VIP vehicles, SUVs, Sedans, Ambulances, Buses, Trucks, CIT vehicles and other up-armoured Special vehicles

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