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Research & Development

VIP Armoring Industry Company fully understands that in any area of business in order to succeed, one needs to continuously develop and research better materials and techniques, which enables the company to provide wide range of options and solutions to our customers, to meet the individual requirement of each customer.

We are in VIP Armoring keep researching for a new technology's to achieve the heights satisfactions and safety levels to our customers, our aim to find a new materials and technology for the manufacturing, lighter and offer a higher level of safety, we have a fully considered plan to develop our work force train them at every new technology that existed in the market to achieve the best results in the manufacturing process, we are also stay updated with new hardware and software, keep searching for best in the world of the vehicle armoring to offer a new safety solution to the world of armored vehicles.

We are working in a lot of safety projects simultaneously – both civilian and military. One of the researches is a 3D protection.

3D protection is a new concept that offers protection from 3 major threats - theft, crime and kidnapping. It is the preferred option for those who are mobilized in the city where the attacks are carried out with handguns. Considering the plight of common people, this application will serve the low profile people.

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